DraftDay Review

DraftDay.com is an exciting option for fantasy players looking for a great place to play fantasy games online. It offers fantasy NBA, MLB, NHL, NFL, CFB, and PGA contests with buy-ins ranging from $0 to $1060 and player fields ranging from 2 to 1000000. Players can choose from contests such as salary, guaranteed, pickem, head-to-head, qualifier, 50/50, multiplier, bracket, and live draft. If players do not like any of the hundreds of contests at DraftDay, they can create games of their own and play with friends.

The owner of DraftDay was MGT Capital Investments till June 2015. According to a report on Daily Fantasy Sports Codes, MGT Capital Investments sold fantasy sports to Sportech PLC, an investment company. DraftDay.com doesn’t reveal much about ownership and business licensing on it’s about page. It just promises a great daily fantasy gaming experience and definitely delivers what it promises as it is the third biggest fantasy sports site in the world.

Getting Started at DraftDay

Getting started at DraftDay is as simple as filling up an online registration form. According to the site’s Terms and Conditions page, players need to be at least 18 years of age to play for real money at DraftDay. If they live in Nebraska, Alabama, and all Canadian provinces except Alberta and Ontario, they need to be at least 19 years of age. DraftDay accepts only fantasy players from the US and Canada, but not these provinces and states—Quebec, Puerto Rico, Washington, New York, Nevada, Montana, Louisiana, Iowa, and Arizona.

Players can play for free as much as they like; however, if they play for real money and win, they should remember that winnings over US$600 are taxed.

Banking at DraftDay

Banking at DraftDay is easy, safe, and secure. DraftDay accepts payments in US Dollars through all major credit cards and PayPal. Players can deposit as little as $10 to as much as $1000. DraftDay never forces any player to make a deposit, and players can enjoy playing free fantasy games without making a single deposit as long as they like.

Players can rest assured that their money is safe at DraftDay.com because it maintains separate accounts for player funds and operational costs. Players’ funds are never used to run the fantasy sports site.

Players can also withdraw their winnings any time they wish. In order to do so, they should visit the “My Account” page and click on the “CashOut” button. Winnings can be withdrawn using checks or PayPal, but at least $20 should be withdrawn at a time. If players win more than $600 in any calendar year, they will have to provide their social security number and correct mailing address to the fantasy sports website.
Free account holders who win real money by taking part in freerolls should spend their winnings on paid fantasy games. If they fail to do so, DraftDay will forfeit these “winnings.”

DraftDay Games

DraftDay offers a wide range of games as follows:

  • Standard Games – These games require specific player fields. If the required number of players does not buy-in to these games, DraftDay cancels the game and refunds entry fees.
  • Target Games – These games have a specific prize pool, and fantasy players need to get a specific number of points in order to claim a share of that prize pool.
  • Guaranteed Games – Prize pools for guaranteed games are, as the title suggests, guaranteed irrespective of the number of players who buy-in to the game. The games are begun as scheduled and winners are paid out irrespective of the size of the player field.
  • 50/50 Contests – The top 50 percent of the player field wins shares of the prize pool.
  • Modified Salary Cap Games – These games allow players to draft their lineups with different starting salaries. The cap may be placed above or below the salary cap in standard games.
  • Live Draft – Like standard games, these games require a specific player field. The game begins as soon as it gets the required number of players.

Contact DraftDay

Since DraftDay has accounts at Facebook and Twitter, players can easily interact with DraftDay staff members at these social networking sites. Players can also send an email to support@draftday.com. There is also an online contact form, which includes a dropdown box for help subjects. Players just have to input their email address, game ID, and question and hit the Submit button.

DraftDay is also home to a comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section that answers questions on a wide range of topics, including banking, winnings, bonuses, games, and so on.

DraftDay FAQ


Most of the US considers fantasy sports to be games of skill and therefore legal. Fantasy sports are exempted by the Unlawful Internet Enforcement Gambling Act (2006), owing to which playing fantasy sports contests does not constitute gambling. DraftDay, therefore, does not require a gambling license to operate. DraftDay does not offer its services to residents of US states that consider fantasy sports to be illegal. Playing at DraftDay, therefore, is 100% safe and legal.


DraftDay welcomes newly registered players with bonuses and even runs a wide range of lucrative promotions. Once you earn your bonus through real money play, you can withdraw it to your account.


DraftDay does not limit the number of games an account holder can play. As long as you have a good-sized bankroll, you can play as many contests as you please simultaneously.

DraftDay also offers multi-entry games, which give players the chance to buy into the same game more than once and draft multiple rosters.


You can definitely view your gaming history and transaction history at DraftDay.


DraftDay allows players take part in freerolls and free contests as long as they wish.