Fantasy Websites – How to Select the Best Fantasy Websites

fantasy sports websitesAlmost everybody in the fantasy sports community would agree that the best fantasy sports websites in the industry are DraftKings, FanDuel, DraftPot, DraftDay, and StarsDraft.

Biggest Fantasy Websites urges players to sign up at the biggest fantasy sports websites for the following reasons.

  • The biggest fantasy sports sites organize large tournaments with buy-ins in the range of $1 – $5 and with prizes running into thousands of dollars.
  • They are highly reputed sites, which offer a 100% safe, secure, and legal online fantasy sports experience.
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While DraftKings is the biggest advertiser in the industry, its rival is not lagging far behind. Although FanDuel doesn’t advertise as much as DraftKings does, it is home to the larger community of DFS players.

Since DraftKings is ESPN’s partner, it is one of the key players in the industry, but FanDuel is still larger in terms of the number of players who sign up. In other words, these two are the leading fantasy sports sites in the market worth more than $1 billion each.

Most of the fantasy sports action takes place either at or DraftKings. Moreover, they have now become mobile friendly, allowing players to play DFS contests on their smartphones and tablets.

New Fantasy Sports Websites

This year, several big companies have stepped into the fantasy sports world. The most noteworthy of these companies are Sportsline and Yahoo! Daily Fantasy Sports. They have been criticized for getting on board too late, but they are quite confident that they will soon become one of the major players in the industry.

However, it is worth noting that these sites are new and still have to prove themselves. Sites such as DraftKings and FanDuel have already built solid reputations, which is why strongly recommends them.

Other Fantasy Sites

Players can also choose from traditional fantasy sports websites belonging to CBS, NFL, ESPN, and Yahoo!, which do not offer daily fantasy sports, but fantasy contests that last as long as the season. Most of the players at these fantasy websites play for fun only, owing to which their player pools are enormous. Since these companies are based in the US, players can easily reach out them if they need help.

Small and Mid Sized Fantasy Sports Websites

There are plenty of small and mid-sized fantasy sites, but the best of them are DraftPot, which allows players to draft lineups without salary caps, and DraftDay and StarsDraft.

Those familiar with the major online poker PokerStars will naturally get attracted to StarsDraft, which was formerly known as Victiv. Just before September 2015, Amaya, the parent company of PokerStars, acquired Victiv and renamed it StarsDraft. However, Amaya did not make any other changes to the product.

Players can also try out sites such as FanThrowDown, StarsStreet, and FantasyDraft. Although not as large as or DraftKings, they do have something of value to offer. Usually, their tournaments have overlays and they offer freerolls and special bonuses. The competition is rather soft at these sites although the tournaments have enormous cash prizes. However, they lack the experience and the reputation that the bigger fantasy websites have successfully built up.

How to Choose a Fantasy Website

Before registering a real play account at a fantasy website, players should make sure that it offers fantasy contests based on their favorite sports. Fans of basketball, football, and baseball have nothing to worry about as these are major sports offered at all fantasy sports sites. Sports that are not as popular as these three are available only at certain fantasy sites.

As previously mentioned, all fantasy sites offer football, hockey, basketball, and baseball. However, golf enthusiasts will be able to play fantasy golf only at DraftDay, StarsDraft, and DraftKings. While NASCAR is available only at DraftKings, none of the sites have started offering tennis. DraftKings is the favorite site of soccer and MMA enthusiasts.

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Yes, we recommend only the best fantasy sports sites.


Fantasy sports is legal is most US states. The sites we recommend do not accept real money fantasy players from states where it is not considered legal.


All you have to do is sign up at one of the sites we recommend and start playing. You will learn as you play. Start by playing for free, and as you develop the required confidence, you can start by playing the low-stakes contests.


All the sites we recommend offer apps for smartphones and tablets.


Several people make a living playing fantasy sports, and some of them win six-figure prizes. So yes, it is possible to become a professional fantasy player.