Eksab Gets Boost With Seed Investment From 500 Startups

June 17, 2019
Eksab Gets Boost With Seed Investment From 500 Startups June 17, 2019 Fantasy Sport

Eksab which is the top Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) platform in MENA (Middle East and North Africa) and GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) is expected to strengthen its presence in the region after receiving six figures in seed investment from 500 Startups.

The seed investment comes at the right time as Egypt prepares to host the African Cup of Nations for the first time in more than ten years. The region is known for its love of football, with the meteoric rise of many regional players to the world stage and the heightened interest of MENA and GCC investors to buy European football clubs. Eksab aims to capitalize on this by providing innovative and engaging mobile games and applications for football enthusiasts in the region.

Eksab is considered the number one DFS platform in the MENA region. The company went live in Nov 2018 and since then it has processed over 5 million transactions.  

Focus On Football-Obsessed Fans

Eksab is a gaming platform that lets football fans make predictions about live games from around the world. After each game, users are awarded points depending on the accuracy of their predictions and may claim prizes with the scores they’ve collected. The company is seeking to capitalize on the one billion football fans spread across Africa and the Middle East.

Eksab Co-Founder and CEO Aly Mahmoud is very impressed by the loyalty and eagerness of football enthusiasts in MENA, saying that people in the region are truly  in love with football. Mahmoud reveals that the seed investment from 500 Startups will go to scaling their product to be able to cater to more of the millions of football buffs in the region. Eksab is aiming to process at least 100 million predictions over the next year.

Preparations For 2022 FIFA World CUP

The company has made long term plans which include building a robust platform that will be able to cope with the demand that the FIFA 2022 World Cup brings. While the World Cup is still a few years away, Eksab will look to use the seed financing and time to expand its presence, build its brand and come out with innovative offerings that enable the company to stay as the number 1 DFS provider in MENA.

Sharif El-Badawi, partner at 500 Startups said that they were impressed with Eksab’s commitment to improve their user-experience as the gaming company aims to deliver the most engaging platform possible to a new pool of potential players.

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