Brief Overview of Fantasy Sports Platforms for Beginners

fantasy sports platformsMajor sports sites offer fantasy sports products to increase TV viewership of games and general interest in sports. Major companies have also launched popular fantasy sports websites such as,, and

Playing fantasy sports not only increases fantasy players’ understanding of the sport, but also strengthens bonds among participants of private leagues. Fantasy players can also make a nice profit from paid contests with enormous prize pools. In fact, several fantasy players have now turned into professionals. Fantasy sports websites also pamper players with bonuses and reward them with loyalty points for taking part in paid contests.

Thanks to developments in Internet and gaming technology, players need not depend on their desktops to play fantasy sports. They can play on smartphones and tablets and also on Facebook.

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Playing Fantasy Sports on the Move

Many experts say that nothing can beat the experience of playing fantasy sports on one’s mobile phone or tablet. It enables fantasy players to track their leagues and stay updated on the latest sports news with ease. Players can simply download a fantasy sports app on their smartphone or tablet to play their favorite fantasy sports. Mobile fantasy sports apps make it very easy for players to take part in paid or free contests, draft their lineup, invite friends to join private leagues, and get the latest sports news, highlights, and stats.

Almost all the major fantasy sports websites recommended at have mobile fantasy sports apps for Android and iOS devices. Needless to say, some of the top mobile fantasy sports sites are DraftKings,, and FantasyDraft.

FanDuel Mobile

Everybody in the fantasy sports community has heard of FanDuel, and all serious fantasy sports players have accounts there. Fantasy players who do not register an account at are definitely missing a lot because it is a large website that runs lucrative contests with enormous prize pools that can generate millionaires. offers a mobile fantasy sports app that can downloaded free of charge at the App Store. In addition, also supports a web app that allows players to directly access the service on their mobile browsers without having to download any app.

DraftKings Mobile

DraftKings, the second biggest fantasy sports site in the world, also generates millionaires with its paid fantasy sports contests. DraftKings not only supports a web app, but also offers a fantasy sports apps for iOS and Android, which can be downloaded free of charge.

Although DraftKings Mobile is not as large as FanDuel, many players prefer it to FanDuel because of its superior software and ability to display matchup strengths to make it easier for players to draft their lineup.

FantasyDraft Mobile

FantasyDraft also offers a mobile app that works well with all Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. Although lagging behind DraftKings and FanDuel, is a 100% mobile friendly site and offers a product that is powerful enough to compete with existing industry giants.

The FantasyDraft mobile app is a web app, owing to which players do not have to download any application on their mobile devices. They can access the service directly from their mobile browser.

Assisting Mobile Apps

Serious fantasy players have to spend several hours in research and strategy building to help them draft a winning lineup. The industry is full of apps that help players learn strategies and conduct research. Most of these apps are paid, but guarantee success for fantasy players.

Some of these helpful apps are Fantasy Cheat Sheet (iOS, Windows Phone, Kindle Fire, Android, Windows 8.1, and Fire Phone) and RotoWire Collection (iOS). Players who cannot afford a paid app to assist them with their fantasy sports activities can download the CBS Sports Fantasy App for Android and iOS free of charge.

Play on Facebook

Facebook is another exciting fantasy sports platform, which fantasy players can use to get a fantasy league together. Facebook not only gives players the opportunity to participate in fantasy leagues, but also helps them socialize with friends. Yahoo Sports, ESPN, and NFL allow players to invite Facebook friends to their private leagues, but players can also use two apps to play fantasy leagues directly on Facebook.

Facebook is currently home to a community of over 300,000 fantasy players who use Yahoo’s Citizen Sports app. This app offers custom settings, free live scoring, content from Yahoo, live drafting, access to mobile devices, and much more. It gives players the experience of taking part in a fantasy football league at Yahoo Sports from Facebook.

Another free app available at enables Facebook users to play fantasy football right on the social networking site. Players can invite friends to their leagues and socialize through their Facebook wall.



Fantasy sports are games that challenge players to become general managers of sports teams and draft lineups of professional sports players. Fantasy players are then assigned points based on the performance of the players on field, and the players who receive the largest number of points are awarded prizes.


The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) of 2006 does not include fantasy sports in its list of gambling games. Most US states consider fantasy sports to be games of skill and therefore legal. It is therefore legal to play fantasy sports on mobile devices.


Fantasy sports websites offer free as well as paid contests. Players can play for free as long as they like.


Yes, you will have to pay taxes on your winnings.

Answer: recommends a list of top mobile fantasy sports sites, and you can sign up at any of them.