How to Play Fantasy Soccer

SoccerSoccer fans will find several varieties of fantasy soccer games, but they all revolve around the same set of basic rules. Players have to create a roster of Major League Soccer (MLS) players, earn and collect points based on their real performance, and become the champion of their leagues.
Here are a few guidelines to help fantasy soccer beginners get started.


Fantasy soccer players start with a pre-determined bankroll, which they can use to purchase players for their roster. The total value of the roster should be equal to or less than this bankroll, but not more. This prevents players from selecting the most expensive players for their roster.

Fantasy soccer games have different rules when it comes to drafting. But a good example would be setting a squad comprising five defenders, two goalkeepers, three strikers, and five midfielders. Fantasy soccer sites sometimes impose a cap on how many players can be selected from one team. Usually, only three players per team are allowed.

Fantasy websites allow players to transfer their players as many times as they wish before the season starts. However, limits are imposed on how many transfers can be made in the course of a season. Some sites will allow you to make unlimited transfers during the season, but will deduct points for doing so. The transfer fees of a player depend entirely on how well he performs on the field. Players who perform well have higher transfer fees while those who underperform have lower transfer fees.

How to Earn Fantasy Points

The scoring systems are as varied as the games, so you must study the scoring method well before creating your roster.
Usually, fantasy soccer websites award fantasy points for playing a game, playing a major part of the game, goals scored, clean sheets, assists, shots that the goalkeeper saves, penalty saves, and so on. Your team will lose points for conceded goals, penalty misses, own goals, red cards, yellow cards, and so on.

Fantasy Soccer Leagues

You will be creating your own team, which will play against the other teams in your league, and the team with the largest number of fantasy points will be declared the winner.

You may join a public league if you wish, but once you gain experience, you might like to create a private league of your own and challenge your friends and family members to play against you.

Fantasy Soccer Strategy

Drafting is not always as easy as it sounds. A lot of research needs to done before one can gain the confidence to build a winning roster. MLS stats and updates are hard to come by and the only way to gain an insight into the games is to actually watch as many of them as possible.



To get started, you must register at any fantasy soccer website. We have already reviewed and recommended the best of them on this website.


There are plenty of websites that offer free information on how to play fantasy soccer. You do not have to pay through your nose to get hold of these resources because they are available absolutely free of charge. You could also request a friend or family member to invite you to a private league and act as your mentor.


All major sports websites and fantasy sports sites offer free fantasy soccer games. You can play for free as much as you like to enhance your understanding of soccer. However, you will not be able to win real money if you play for free.


You can play fantasy soccer on any smartphone or tablet because all the best fantasy soccer sites out there are mobile friendly. You can access them on your mobile browser without having to download any app.


Fantasy soccer, along with other fantasy sports such as baseball, basketball, hockey, football, and others, is legal is most US states. The fantasy websites we recommend do not operate in states where fantasy sports are considered gambling. Since fantasy sports is not considered gambling in most of US and the UIGEA 2006 doesn’t mention fantasy sports in its list of prohibited games, you can rest assured that playing fantasy soccer is 100% safe and legal.

Fantasy Soccer