Overview of Best Fantasy Soccer Betting Websites

SoccerThe US is home to several daily fantasy soccer contests, which clearly indicates that several fantasy players are interested in soccer. Playing fantasy soccer is fun, especially as it greatly enhances the players’ experience of watching soccer games either online or on television.

Europe vs. US

Fantasy soccer is played in Europe too, but there is a huge different between the way it is played in Europe and in America. A European fantasy soccer game lasts throughout the season, but a US fantasy soccer game lasts just a weekend. The rules of fantasy soccer are quite simple. Players have to use a pre-determined bankroll of $50k to draft at least three lineups.

In the US, fantasy soccer hasn’t picked up as yet. The prize pools offered for fantasy soccer games are not as huge as those offered for fantasy NFL contests.

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Picking a Fantasy Soccer Website

The task of a beginner hunting for a fantasy soccer website is not that easy. There are so many fantasy soccer websites to choose from, and it is very difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff.

If you are a beginner, you will be delighted to know that we have done the hard work of identifying and handpicking the best of the best fantasy soccer websites for your benefit. We have presented a list of these fantasy soccer websites on our website along with honest, comprehensive reviews of the same.

All you have to do is read our reviews and choose a fantasy soccer websites.

Here is a list of some of the best places to play fantasy soccer games.


ESPN is internationally acclaimed for the quality and quantity of the sports news, highlights, and stats it provides. ESPN has a large number of followers who just love trying out its fantasy soccer offerings. Many fantasy players who do not like playing at the Premier League website enjoy playing free fantasy soccer games at ESPN.

The Telegraph

Players will have to pay to enjoy the fantasy soccer services at The Telegraph. Moreover, it is not available to players from all over the world. The Telegraph is one of the top favorites of UK fantasy soccer players, especially as it gives away a prize of $100,000 to the champion.

Players can create one team free of charge, but will have to pay $5 for extra teams.


Just as The Telegraph is popular in the UK, CBS Sports is popular in the US. It is the home of hundreds and thousands of US fantasy players who enjoy playing fantasy soccer, fantasy NFL, and other fantasy sports. However, it does not offer British Premier League fantasy soccer contests.


Yahoo is the favorite online venue of fantasy players from all over the world although it decided to stop offering English Premier League fantasy games after the season of 2014 – 15.

Many Yahoo users say that the site’s fantasy soccer product was excellent, especially as it offered apps for Android and iOS. Players are now encouraged to join Mondogoal who have partnered with Yahoo! and offer Yahoo Sports Users exclusive competitions.


Needless to say, DraftKings.com is the industry giant. In 2014, DraftKings.com delighted soccer fans by introducing fantasy soccer games. They immediately began offering fantasy soccer contests with enormous guaranteed prizes. Today, DraftKings.com is one of the best places online to play fantasy soccer for fun as well as real money. DraftKings is also licensed to offer daily fantasy soccer games in the UK, much to the delight of UK fantasy soccer players.

DraftKings.com players can take part in English Premier League, Major League Soccer, and UEFA Champions League fantasy soccer games.


Mondogoal.com is another great option for fantasy soccer players, especially as they have a license to operate in the UK as well as North America. Based in the Isle of Man, the company behind Mondogoal has signed major partnership deals with soccer teams such as AS Roma, Tottenham, Liverpool, and FC Barcelona. Mondogoal has also partnered with Yahoo in a bid to promote fantasy soccer through the Yahoo platform.

Since Mondogoal is immensely popular among European fantasy soccer players, it can compete well even with the industry giant DraftKings. Mondogoal offers fantasy soccer games revolving around the Barclays Premier League, Major League Soccer, Series A TIM, League BBVA, Ligue I, Brasileirao, and the men’s and women’s World Cup. This makes Mondogoal one of the top sites for fantasy soccer.


Launched in 2013, PlayOn.co offers fantasy cricket as well as fantasy soccer. Based in London, the operator of PlayOn.co accepts fantasy soccer players from more than 100 countries worldwide. They offer weekly as well as daily fantasy soccer games and run innovative contests, the type of which cannot be found at any other fantasy soccer site.

Players can choose from attractive formats such as multipliers, top 3, winner takes, and matrix. However, PlayOn.com offers only English Premier League fantasy games.



Fantasy soccer is definitely legal as it is considered to be a game of skill in most US states.

In addition, fantasy soccer is not listed as a gambling game in the UIGEA of 2006, owing to which it is just not considered to be gambling. You can legally play fantasy soccer at any of the fantasy soccer sites we recommend. Some US states consider fantasy soccer to be illegal, and the sites we recommend do not operate in those states.


We cannot declare any one site as the best fantasy soccer site as each site has its own strengths and weaknesses. The fantasy soccer sites that we have recommended here are all the best, and you can always select a favorite.


All the fantasy soccer services we have recommended offer apps for iOS and Android, making it possible for players to play on the move.

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