Fantasy Soccer – Basic Introduction for Beginners

SoccerRealizing the money-making potential of the game, more people are getting interested in fantasy soccer.

Since fantasy soccer analyses bear a striking similarity to betting handicapping, a successful fantasy soccer player is also a successful bettor.

Soccer vs. Football

Although similar, the two are not the same. Soccer is just another name for association football in most of the countries around the world. But in America, football is American football, which is something totally different from soccer.

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Both American football and soccer have 11 players on the field, excluding the goalkeeper, as long as the game lasts. While the objective of American football is to score points by taking the ball beyond the touch line of the opponents, the objective of soccer is to score the goals at the end of the field and take the ball to the opponents’ goal.

The major league for American football is the National Football League (NFL) while the major leagues for soccer are the Barclay’s Premier League (BPL) in England, the Liga BBVA in Spain, the Serie A in Italy, the Ligue I in France, the SPL in Scotland, and the Major League Soccer (MLS) in the USA.

While American football is played only in the USA, soccer is played all over the world. While the highest governing body for American football is the NFL, the highest governing body for soccer is FIFA. While the major tournaments in case of NFL are the NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl, the major tournaments for soccer are Copa America, Super Copa, FA Copa, Copa Italia, and others.

Playing Fantasy Soccer

Here are a few tips to help players play fantasy soccer successfully.

Related to Betting – Fantasy soccer shares a close relationship with soccer betting as both are based on a close study and analysis of available statistics. For example, soccer players are not allotted values at random, but only after making complex calculations based on a wide range of statistics related to those players. Just as owners of real soccer teams negotiate aggressively over transfers in hopes of winning, fantasy soccer players also spend several hours studying player statistics and contemplating transfers.

Study the Statistics – Fantasy soccer is associated with a load of statistics. Expert fantasy players, therefore, urge newcomers to take the help of databases. Plenty of information is available at fantasy sports websites such as, and new players can always use this information to make the right decision.

Books have also been written on the subject. For example, Michael Lewis has written a book called Moneyball, which is based on the success of Bill James and Billy Beane. These two players were very successful because they used a system of interpretation based on numbers and always made objective decisions based on hard facts.

Playing fantasy soccer is a lot like soccer betting, in which successful bettors make informed decisions and the amateur ones rely on instinct and guess work.

Read the News – Players who want to be successful at fantasy soccer must make it a point to read the soccer news and stay updated. While fantasy soccer winners usually read a lot of news, the losers hardly bother to stay updated. The most important soccer news is that related to starting line-ups, suspensions, and injuries. We at give you the latest sports news in a bid to help you stay updated on the latest happenings in the sports world.

Choose a Good Fantasy Soccer Website – The fantasy soccer website one plays at goes a long way in helping one to win at fantasy soccer. The best fantasy soccer websites are loaded with features that help players understand the secrets of fantasy soccer better. Some websites provide excellent player and club form guides, which assist players greatly in building the winning team.

Fantasy Soccer FAQs


First, you have to register an account at a site that offers fantasy soccer contests. You have to then use a pre-determined budget to create a roster of real soccer players. You can either join an existing public league or create your own league. You can also receive an invitation to join someone else’s private league. You can win prizes in tens and thousands of dollars playing fantasy soccer.


You do not have to purchase entries into paid contests if you do not feel comfortable about the game. Free fantasy soccer games are available in plenty. Almost all major fantasy sports websites offer them, and some of them also offer freerolls with real money prizes.


The best fantasy soccer websites in the industry are mobile friendly. Since they have web apps, you don’t even have to download anything on your smartphone. Simply access your favorite fantasy soccer games and play on the move.


The Internet is full of free fantasy soccer resources. You can also purchase eBooks, software, apps, and CDs that teach you more about fantasy soccer rules and strategies. However, the best way to learn more about fantasy soccer is to play it.


There isn’t any surefire way to fantasy soccer success. The only way to reap profits from the game is to learn as much about soccer as possible.

Watch as many soccer games as possible either online or on television. Visit soccer websites, especially the league websites, to find out information regarding disciplinary action, injuries, and call ups. Check out sports sites such as NBC’s ProSoccer Talk, ESPNFC, Soccer By Ives, and SB Nation, and register accounts at social networking sites such as Twitter to get a wealth of soccer information.

Fantasy Soccer