How to Play Fantasy Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial ArtsFantasy MMA contests give players the chance to create rosters of the best fighters and accumulate points for their battling skills. One of the best fantasy sports websites for fantasy MMA is DraftKings, which offers a wide range of exciting paid fantasy MMA contests. Playing fantasy MMA is not as baffling as playing fantasy football, basketball, or baseball. In fact, it is much easier and that is what makes it ideal for beginners.


Players will have to use a pre-determined bankroll to draft a roster of five top fighters. They will then be awarded points based on the performance of these fighters. The scoring varies from league to league, format to format, and website to website, and it is up to players to understand the scoring system before getting into the drafting process. The aim is to collect as many points as possible and win.

Earning Points

As previously mentioned, the scoring system varies from one site to the other. Fantasy MMA players should therefore carefully check out the scoring methods so that they can adopt a winning strategy.

Usually, the scoring system for fantasy MMA/UFC has two aspects.

Scoring in Action – Points will be awarded for certain moves made during the fight. Thus players can earn points for significant strikes, takedowns, advances, knockdowns, and reversals/sweeps. The significant strikes include ground strikes or distance strikes, usually considered to be “power strikes” in the scoring system. Points are also awarded for advances such as side control, back control, mount, and half guard.

Scoring for Conclusion – Points will be awarded for the winner, and the number of points depends greatly on the round in which he won the fight. If the fight was won in the first round, more points can be earned, but if the fight was won in the later rounds, the points awarded will be fewer.

How to Draft a Fantasy MMA Team

Drafting an MMA team is incredibly easy; however, drafting it in such a way that you are guaranteed the prize is easier said than done. A typical fantasy MMA roster comprises five fighters, and they should be “purchased” with a pre-determined amount. Care should be taken to select fighters who are sure to win.

Getting Started

Getting started is as easy as visiting a fantasy sports site that offers fantasy MMA/UFC leagues and signing up for an account. You can play for free till you get a hang of the game. Once you have thoroughly understood the game, it is time to enter some paid contests to test your newly developed skills.

You can find paid contests in the lobby of your fantasy sports website. Simply select MMA from the dropdown box in the lobby. You will then be prompted to choose from dozens of cash games and guaranteed prize pool games. All you have to do is play and win.



Experts say that it indeed is. In the first place, the competition is soft as fantasy MMA is a relatively new entrant to the fantasy sports word. In the second, you do not have to keep track of as many players as fantasy basketball or fantasy football players have to.


You can sign up at a fantasy MMA site recommended by as we recommend only the legitimate websites.


You don’t have to download any app. You only have to access the fantasy sports site on your smartphone or tablet and play as you would online.


Right now, it is just not as popular as the other fantasy sports, but is slowly gaining popularity. Since it is new, players are yet to discover it.


We can cite many reasons. It increases the excitement of watching a fight. In addition, the competition is soft and there is a lot of money to be won.

Fantasy Mixed Martial Arts