A Basic Overview To Fantasy Mixed Martial Arts Betting

Mixed Martial ArtsMixed Martial Arts (MMA) is one of the latest sports to get the attention of online fantasy sports services.

Now, MMA enthusiasts can draft teams of their favorite fighters, get points based on their performance in the ring, and win fabulous cash prizes. The basics of playing fantasy MMA are the same as playing any other fantasy sport.

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Getting Popular

MMA is something that people love irrespective of gender or location. Although it is new to the fantasy sports world, it is quickly gaining popularity and grabbing a larger share of the market. Experts say that fantasy MMA is quite capable of beating fantasy football because of its round-the-year schedule and international appeal. Since MMA is not bound by seasons, but played throughout the year, it’s over 300 million fans worldwide are sure to get attracted to playing fantasy MMA.

Where to Play Fantasy MMA

It isn’t easy to find a website that offers real money MMA contests because fantasy MMA is yet to gain popularity.

Right now, players can choose from two major fantasy MMA sites—Kountermove and DraftKings. While the former specializes in fantasy MMA contests, the latter also offers a wide range of fantasy football, fantasy baseball, fantasy basketball, and other fantasy games. Each site has its own way of offering fantasy MMA services, and players can sign up at both for rich and varied fantasy MMA experiences.


Accessible at Kountermove.com, Kountermove is a fantasy MMA website that was created by actual MMA fighters. The founders of Kountermove are passionate about the sport and wanted to experiment with fantasy MMA, which is why they started the site.

Kountermove is special because it focuses on MMA alone and doesn’t offer any of the other fantasy sports. The site challenges fantasy players to use a pre-determined bankroll to create a roster of fighters who can help them win enormous cash prizes.

Kountermove players have to use $25,000 to create a roster of five UFC fighters. A price tag is attached to each player. The best players cost more while the average ones cost less. Fantasy MMA players should, therefore, use their bankroll effectively to create a roster of fighters who can help them earn a large number of points.

At Kountermove, fantasy MMA players get points for stats such as takedowns, significant strikes landed, submission attempts, second round finishes, and much more. The better a fighter’s performance in the ring, the more the number of points a fantasy MMA team owner will earn.


DraftKings delighted the MMA community by launching its first fantasy MMA contest on Jan 3, 2015. DraftKings’ fantasy MMA contests are similar to those at Kountermove. Players will receive a salary of $50,000, which they need to use to purchase a roster of five UFC fighters. The best fighters cost as much as $12,000, so fantasy players should be careful about drafting the best players with a limited bankroll. DraftKings awards points for stats such as advancing position, significant strikes, early finishes, and so on.

DraftKings offers a wide range of fantasy MMA contests, including heads-up contests. Beginners who feel that heads-up contests are too formidable can play against many other fantasy MMA team owners to grab their share of a large prize pool. DraftKings has low-stakes, high-stakes, mid-stakes, and even free fantasy MMA contests.

Best Fantasy MMA Site

Identifying the best fantasy MMA site is really difficult as it all depends on a fantasy player’s tastes and preferences. The fantasy MMA websites that are recommended at FantasySports.net are indeed the best. They are highly reputed sites that know exactly what they are doing although they offer their services differently.

If you want a wider choice, a bigger website, and a larger pool of players, you might like to sign up at DraftKings. They have a wider range of fantasy MMA contests, larger prize pools, and scoring rules that make it easy for players to score points.

But seasoned players love Kountermove. They need to put in a lot of research to draft the winning lineup at Kountermove, and seasoned players love the challenge of this.

MMA enthusiasts can sign up at all the websites we recommend just to find out which site is most suitable for them. They have nothing to lose as we have recommended the best of the best sites. No fantasy MMA site forces newly registered players to deposit funds in their account. New players can also try out fantasy MMA games for free at these sites.

All the fantasy MMA websites that we recommend offer short leagues. Players draft a lineup, earn points, and get cash prizes at the end of the day. If they do not win, they can try again the following day.



MMA plunged into the world of fantasy sports much later than sports such as football and basketball. This, however, does not mean that MMA doesn’t have fans. It has millions of fans worldwide who are sure to discover the joys of playing fantasy MMA soon, especially now that DraftKings has started offering fantasy MMA games.


The best time to play fantasy MMA is now. There aren’t as many fantasy players grinding away at fantasy MMA games as there are at the fantasy football or basketball games. The competition is soft and even inexperienced players can grab a nice share of the cash pile.


Since the UIGEA of 2006 exempts fantasy MMA from its list of gambling games, fantasy MMA is considered legal in most of the US.


You can sign up at any of the fantasy MMA sites we recommend.


Yes, you can play fantasy MMA contests for free.

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