A Basic Overview To Fantasy Golf Betting

GolfAlthough fantasy golf is not as popular as fantasy football or fantasy basketball, the number of players getting interested in the game is on the rise. As a result, the number of fantasy golf websites is also shooting up, making it easier than ever for aspiring players to find a place to check out the game.

We at FantasySports.net have researched several fantasy golf websites for your benefit. There are plenty of sites out there, and we do not want you to get confused with them. We know that it is very difficult for individual fantasy players to research all the sites; so we have done all the tough research work for you.

If you wondering about the best fantasy sports sites to play fantasy golf, you will find the answers to your questions at FantasySports.net. Simply sign up at one of our recommended fantasy golf websites and start playing.

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Here is a brief overview of some of the top fantasy golf websites in the industry.

No. 1 Fantasy Golf Website – DraftKings

Everybody in the fantasy golf community agrees that there is nobody to beat DraftKings. Shortly after its launch, the site beat existing services such as DraftStreet. This doesn’t mean that fantasy golf services at other websites are substandard. It just means that DraftKings offers better options and larger payouts, the type that you cannot find anywhere else.

DraftKings is home to hundreds and thousands of daily fantasy golf players, owing to which its PGA leagues have enormous player fields that generate enormous prize pools. Players looking to grab a share of the cash pile will be missing a great deal if they do not play fantasy golf at DraftKings. Some PGA leagues at DraftKings have had prize pools larger than $1 million.

The most wonderful thing about playing at DraftKings is that players do not have to spend much. PGA leagues have entry fees as low as $0.25. If players are not that particular about winning cash prizes, they can also take part in free rolls.

Players can enjoy the ultimate social fantasy golf experience at DraftKings as it allows them to create private leagues with their friends and family members. Since DraftKings does not focus on golf alone, players can also play a wide range of other fantasy sports such as fantasy football, fantasy basketball, fantasy MMA, and fantasy baseball at DraftKings.

Yahoo for Free Fantasy Golf

One of the oldest and the most popular places to play fantasy sports is Yahoo, which allows players to create private golf leagues with friends and family players and play throughout the season. Yahoo Fantasy Golf is not as glamorous as the fantasy golf service at DraftKings, but the games are free and the site is a great place for beginners. Yahoo maintains excellent stats throughout the PGA season besides providing the latest golf news. Even beginners will find it easy to create a league and play golf there because of the easy-to-understand formats.


The fantasy golf service at PGATOUR.com is quite new and a number of golf enthusiasts have viewed the commercials with interest. The season-long games at PGATOUR.com are absolutely free. Players can select four golf players, but cannot use the same player more than ten times in the course of the season.

The prizes are nothing much to get excited about, but it is another great place for beginners who want to learn the game. PGATOUR.com doesn’t have much for the seasoned golf player.



The basics of playing fantasy golf are the same as the basics of playing other fantasy sports.

The game challenges participants to create a winning roster of golf players and score points based on their performance in golf tournaments. Fantasy golf leagues are usually based on the European Tour and the US PGA Tour.


Since the player fields of fantasy golf leagues are populated with golf fans who are serious about the game and know a lot about it, the competition is rather tough. At the same time, many fantasy players are not that excited about playing fantasy golf, preferring to play fantasy football or fantasy basketball contests. The opportunities to make a profit, however, are excellent.

No fantasy game is easy at the beginning. You cannot expect to win your very first fantasy golf game. You need to really grind away at the contests before you start tasting the sweet fruits of success.


You can learn a lot from FantasySports.net as we have included a number of fantasy golf tips and strategies on this website. Moreover, the Internet is literally packed with free information about fantasy golf, how to play it, tips and strategies, and so on.

The best way to learn fantasy golf is to start playing it. If you are not comfortable about playing for real money, sign up at Yahoo or PGATOUR.com and play for free. Once you have understood the basics of the game, you can sign up at DraftKings.com and play for free or low stakes there. Another great way to learn fantasy golf is to request a friend to invite you to a private league.


This depends a great deal on your tastes and preference. All the fantasy golf websites recommended at FantasySports.net are the best. You can sign up at all of them and then pick your favorite.


Yes, all the fantasy golf websites we recommend are compatible with mobile devices. They support web apps that can deliver the ultimate experience to fantasy golf players who are always on the move. Players can just access these sites from their mobile browsers and start playing.

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