Fantasy Golf – Why Golf Fans Love Playing Fantasy Golf

GolfPlaying fantasy golf greatly enhances the pleasure of watching the game. It also improves ones understanding and appreciation of the sport.

The basic rules governing fantasy golf are the same as those governing other fantasy sports. Fantasy golf requires players to create a roster of real golf players and earn points based on their performance on the field. Fantasy golf players usually follow the European Tour and the US PGA Tour.

There are plenty of drafting and scoring methods for fantasy golf players to choose from.

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Commonly, fantasy golf players create a large squad of golf players using a pre-determined bankroll, and this team lasts for an entire year. Teams are then built out of the bigger squads.

Frankly speaking, fantasy golf is not as popular as other daily fantasy sports. When one thinks of fantasy sports, one hardly thinks of golf the way one thinks of baseball, football, hockey, or basketball. Perhaps this is because golf isn’t a team game and its format isn’t like that of other fantasy sports.


The credit of “inventing” golf goes to Wilfred Winkenbach, who created a rulebook for the game in the late fifties. According to these earliest rules, fantasy golf players had to build a squad of professional golf players and the player who got the lowest number of stokes when the tournament came to an end would be declared the winner.

Administering a game of fantasy golf is rather easy as there are no complications related to the game. Players only have to bother about the performance of the players in their team.

Fantasy Golf Advantages

Playing fantasy golf has heaps of advantages. In the first place, it is as simple as using a pre-determined amount to create a team of professional golf players. In this way, it is similar to playing other fantasy games.

Second, the biggest fantasy sports websites offer traditional as well as daily fantasy golf games, enabling golf enthusiasts to get a better understanding of the game. If they implement sound strategies while building their rosters, they stand to win a real nice amount of money.

Third, many experts say that it is easier to play golf than it is to play other fantasy games. This is because fantasy golf players do not have to know players who dominate a position. They just need to know who the best golf players are and who aren’t. For example, every golf player knows that Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods are excellent golf players. Drafting them is going to be expensive, but if players do it, they stand to win a nice sum of money. Worrying about who are the best catchers, best point guards, and best running backs is not for fantasy golf players. They need not even think about power forwards, tight ends, first basemen, and others. Instead, they just have to think about how individual golf players play and their PGA
Tour rankings.

Fantasy Golf Gets Popular

A few years back, playing fantasy golf was considered to be a tedious task. Everybody knew how the tournament would turn out because they knew how individual players would perform. The same golf players would continue to perform well at every tour. Fantasy golf players, therefore, had to draft the same good players if they wanted to win any money. If they failed to draft a good player, they just wouldn’t win any money.

But modern golf is different. The game has a large number of new faces and the PGA Tour is turning up some fresh talent, and many of these new players are expected to perform very well. Fantasy golf players are today interested in new golf players such as Hideki Matsuyama, Chesson Hadley, Ben Martin, Jordan Spieth, and Patrick Cantlay. Any of these young players could end up beating well-known golf players such as Tiger Woods.

And it is precisely for this reason that fantasy golf is attracting fresh attention and gaining popularity at present.

Fantasy Golf FAQs


Playing daily fantasy golf is fun especially as it lasts only one day. Therefore, there is no need to stick to a roster of underperforming players for over 24 hours or at the most a week. If your roster is not living up to your expectations, you can just get rid of it at the earliest possible instead of having to stick to it till the end of the entire reason. You can just start a new daily fantasy golf game with a fresh lineup.


The PGA Tour organizes professional men’s golf tours in North America and the US. It is the organizer of most tournaments in the PGA Tour, an annual series of golf tournaments; the Champions Tour for senior golf players; the Tour for golf pros who are yet to qualify for the PGA Tour; as well as events such as the PGA Tour Latinoamerica, PGA Tour Canada, and PGA Tour China. The PGA Tour has its headquarters in Florida.


Yes, you can. It works just like fantasy football or fantasy basketball leagues. You can create a league and invite your friends, family members, and co-workers to it.


Free fantasy golf games are available in plenty, giving you a risk-free way to learn the game.


All the fantasy golf websites we recommend are mobile friendly, enabling players to play fantasy golf on the move.

Fantasy Golf