How to Play Fantasy Football

American FootballFantasy football presents a great opportunity for players to become the general manager of a football team, build their own winning rosters, and win real money. Players can join leagues, hunt for players and draft them, play against other team owners, and win the fantasy league championship. While it is easy to learn how to play fantasy football, developing the skill sets and strategies to win is tough.

Here are step-by-step instructions on playing fantasy football.

  1. Join a League

    Since there are several public leagues published in a fantasy football website’s league directory, you can just join any public league. Once you have gained experience playing fantasy football, you can create your own league or receive invitations to join private leagues. Each league has its own characteristic features, and you must understand this well before you play.

  2. Prepare a Draft

    The drafting process now begins. You have to build your team, but this is easier said than done as you need to research available players well. A thorough understanding of roster setup rules and scoring methodology of your league will help you create an excellent team.

  3. Build Your Fantasy Football Team

    If you are part of a private league of friends and family members, you can do this offline. If you are part of a public league, you will have to do it online. Take care while choosing your players and create a complete roster.

  4. Compete with Other Teams

    Now that you have created a team, it is ready to start playing for you. Your team will now play games against other teams on a weekly or daily basis. However, the players in your team will receive points based on their performance on field. The fantasy football website converts real-time statistics into fantasy points, and the fantasy team that gets the largest number of points will win the game. Your aim is to win as many games as you can so that you can get into the playoffs.

  5. Improve Your Team

    Do you feel that one of the players in your team isn’t helping you get points? You can drop him and get a free agent. If any of your players get injured, you can get a replacement. You can even trade players with other team owners.

  6. You Win the League Championship

    If you have gotten into the playoffs, you are the owner of a strong team that needs to compete with other strong teams to win the league championship. If you do win the championship, you are going to become very rich.


Q1: How do I find fantasy football games?

A: There is no dearth of fantasy football games online. All the major sports media such as Yahoo, FOX Sports, ESPN, CBS, and others offer fantasy football contests. Even the NFL has its own fantasy football offering. We at recommend a wide range of fantasy sports websites where you can play fantasy football games.

Q2: Can I play fantasy football for free?

A: Yes, you can! You do not have to risk your money if you are new. Play free fantasy football games at any of the sites we recommend and better your understanding of the game.

Q3: Are fantasy football websites secure?

A: Yes, they are. As the websites we recommend are associated with the Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA), they have to maintain certain industry standards. Player funds are maintained separately, deposits are accepted only through reliable banking methods, the best encryption and firewall technologies are adopted, and anti-fraud and anti-money laundering measures are taken.

Q4: Which is the best fantasy football league for beginners?

A: There is no definite answer to this one. If you are new to fantasy football, you can always request a friend to invite you to a league. Playing with friends is the best way to learn and enjoy the game.

Q5: Can I play fantasy football from my smartphone or tablet?

A: Since fantasy sports sites are mobile friendly and also offer apps, you can easily play fantasy football on the move.

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