Visa Fantasy Sports Websites – Visa as a Popular Banking Method

VisaVisa, along with MasterCard, is one of the most popular banking methods at fantasy sports websites. Fantasy players who want to use Visa credit or debit cards to load their fantasy sports website accounts only have to input their card details once to effortlessly use their Visa cards to make a deposit or withdraw winnings.

Well aware of the popularity of Visa credit/debit cards as payment options both online and offline, almost all fantasy sports websites such as StarsDraft, Star Fantasy Leagues, DraftKing, and FanDuel offer Visa as a payment option.

What is Visa?

Visa Incorporated is an international financial service corporation that has its headquarters in California in US. It enables electronic transfers of cash all over world through debit and credit cards bearing the Visa brand.

Visa Review

Many people feel that Visa issues cards, but this is not true. Visa has nothing to do with issuing credit and debit cards, setting fees and rates of interest, and extending credit to customers. It is just a provider of payment products that banks and financial institutions can use to offer a variety of prepaid, credit, and debit cards to consumers.

A Nilson Report of 2008 says that Visa held a share of 38.3% in the US credit card market and 60.7% of the US debit card market. VisaNet, a global network belonging to Visa, processed as many as 62 billion transactions worth $4.4 trillion in 2009.

Visa operates in several countries all over the world including Oceania, Australia, the Caribbean, Africa, and Middle East, to mention just a few.

How to Deposit Using Visa

Loading one’s fantasy sports website account using Visa is incredibly easy. The first step is to become a Visa credit or debit card holder and the second step is to sign up for real money play at a fantasy sports website. Once players have done this, they must visit the My Account page of their fantasy sports website or its Cashier section and type in the amount they would like to deposit. They should also specify that they would like to use Visa to load their accounts.

The fantasy sports website will then prompt players to input card details such as name of the card holder, CVC number, expiry date, and card number. For purposes of security, fantasy sports websites require card holders to submit their mailing address and telephone numbers to make 100% sure that they are indeed the card holders.

Once the procedure is complete, funds are instantly credited to players’ fantasy sports accounts. Players can withdraw their fantasy sports winnings back to their Visa credit cards just as easily.

How to Find a Visa Fantasy Sports Website

Finding a Visa fantasy sports website shouldn’t be difficult for those using We have recommended and reviewed a list of excellent fantasy sports websites that offer Visa as a banking method.