Daily Fantasy Sports – Everything You Wanted to Know

daily fantasy sportsDaily fantasy sports (DFS) are a variety of fantasy sports games, which are played the same way as traditional fantasy games.

Players are required to create a roster of professional players and earn points based on their performance on the field. But unlike traditional fantasy sports, daily fantasy sports move at a rapid pace and are ideal for players who are too impatient to wait till the end of a regular sports season to know the results of the fantasy sports contest.

Unlike traditional fantasy sports, which are played over an entire sports season, daily fantasy sports last for one day or at the most one week.

Those who wish to take part need to pay an entry fee and build a roster of players using a pre-determined bankroll. Depending on how the players in their team perform in real life, players will win a share of a pre-determined prize pool. While a part of each entry fee contributes to the pot, a part of it is taken by the fantasy sports website as commission.

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Reasons for DFS Popularity

Daily fantasy sports are more popular than traditional fantasy sports for a number of reasons.

Convenient – The format is very convenient as players do not have to play for an entire season. They will come to know if they have won or lost either at the end of the day or week.

Enhances Experience of Watching Games – Playing daily fantasy sports greatly enhances one’s experience of viewing the sports channels. Studies have shown how daily fantasy sports heighten interest in sports and increase viewership of TV sports channels.

Play on Mobile Devices – Daily fantasy sports contests can be played on mobile devices.

Are DFS Contests Legal?

Most of the US considers daily fantasy sports to be games of skill, not games of chance. Owing to this reason, daily fantasy sports are considered to be legal. Moreover, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) of 2006 applies only to online casino, online poker, and online sports betting, not daily fantasy sports. So running DFS contests and taking part in them is perfectly legal is most of the US. All the daily fantasy sports websites recommended at FantasySports.net operate only in US states that hold DFS contests to be legal.

Some US states, including Iowa, Montana, Washington, Louisiana, and Arizona haven’t exactly criminalized DFS, but do not hold them to be legal either. The DFS sites we recommend do not operate in these states and do not permit residents of these states to sign up and take part in paid fantasy games.

Types of Daily Fantasy Games

There are two major varieties of daily fantasy sports contests although there may be several sub-categories.

Cash Games and Guaranteed Contests – These contests require players to create a roster using a pre-determined bankroll and earn points based on their performance on field. The owner of the team that collects the largest number of points is declared to be the winner.

50/50 – In this type of contest, the prize does not go to a single winner, but is shared among all those who finish in the top 50% of the field. Those who do not will lose the entrance fee they had paid to take part in the contest.

Daily fantasy games can be found in a wide range of sports, including college football, NFL, auto racing, association football, hockey, cricket, basketball, baseball, rugby, and others.