Types of Fantasy Sports Contests

November 30, 2015
Types of Fantasy Sports Contests December 3, 2015 Fantasy Sport

Fantasy Sports - Contest TypesWhen it comes to playing fantasy games, the choice is wide.

Players can choose from a wide range of contests including large tournaments, triple games, double up games, quintuple up games, quadruple games, head-to-head games, Sit N Go games, and many more.

Initially, the variety is bound to overwhelm beginners, but they should stay calm and focus only on the freerolls or low-stakes games at first.

They should stick to tournaments with large player fields to better their chances of winning.

Beginners should remember that head-to-head contests are the favorites of tough and seasoned fantasy players, who spend hours researching players and creating their rosters. Fortunately, fantasy sports websites has contests for almost every type of fantasy player under the sun.

The following contests are available with all varieties of fantasy sports. This means that you can take part in these contests irrespective of the fantasy sport that you play. Each type of contest has its own advantages and disadvantages, and player will have to alter their strategies accordingly.

Here is a brief introduction to some of these contests.

Big Tournaments – These types of contests have large player fields and enormous prize guarantees. If a fantasy player creates a winning roster, he/she can win a large prize in big tournaments. Big fantasy sports sites organize big tournaments with large prize guarantees (GPPs) for entry fees of anywhere between $1 and $100 on a daily basis. These contests give players the chance to win some large prizes in exchange for very small entry fees.

Head-to-head Tournaments – These tournaments challenge a fantasy player to compete against another fantasy player. However, head-to-head tournaments are meant for seasoned players who know exactly what they are doing, not for beginners.

Double Up Games or 50/50 – These are exciting tournaments for beginners as they distribute the prize pool among the top half of the field. The risk is greatly reduced, but a number of seasoned fantasy players take part in these contests and it is not very easy to defeat them.

Triple, Quadruple, and Quintuple Contests – These contests challenge players to triple, quadruple, or quintuple their original entry fee. In case of a Quintuple contest, the prize pool is distributed among the top fifth of the total field. In case of a quadruple contest, the top 25% of the field win the cash; and in case of a triple contest, the top one-third gets the money.

The above-mentioned contests can be played in different ways, as follows:

Pre-determined Bankroll – Players have to purchase the athletes in their roster by using a pre-determined bankroll. They cannot spend more than this bankroll on creating their roster.

Snake Drafting – Players in a league take turns at drafting teams, with a player picking one athlete at a time. This drafting order is reversed in the next round to give all players a fair chance to draft the perfect team.

Pick Em – Players can choose from up to eight athletes for one position. For example, a fantasy basketball player can select one shooting guard out of six shooting guards. Players have to just keep selecting the best from a given group till they have built their entire teams.

In fact, the world of fantasy sports is too large to be described in just a few words. The above article just serves as a brief introduction. As fantasy players continue to participate in contests, they will discover several more entertaining and lucrative ways of playing.