The Value of Outside Resources in DFS

February 23, 2016
The Value of Outside Resources in DFS February 23, 2016 Fantasy Sport

daily fantasy sportsThe amount of information and stats that can be found in today’s sports is staggering. Every detail is documented down to a tee and made into numbers and statistics for the whole world to see and the DFS world to obsess over. I’m sure if you have played any sort of daily fantasy sport, you have spent endless amounts of time going through stats and figures trying to decipher the best fits for your lineup.

Of course, there is very obvious information we all use. The DFS sites themselves all provide the essential stats for each player in each team in each sport.

They also give us details such as FPS averages and other fantasy related numbers. However, outside of the DFS sites themselves, where can you find info that will help you build the best roster?

Vegas Lines

This is something everybody should use, especially if you play Basketball DFS. Bookies make money for a reason, and that is that they are usually right. Bookies set a line in all basketball NBA games called an over/under. This means they set a figure for the amount of points they think an NBA game will total. This is a great tool for us to use in our DFS research. The most valuable way of scoring FPS is of course from points, so the more the better for us. All we have to do is find the over/under lines on the NBA games and we can instantly see who the bookies will think will be involved in the highest scoring games. This is a popular tactic for some DFS players, who love to stack several players from potentially high scoring games.

Now, you obviously don’t want to just find the highest scoring game and throw as many players as you can from the draft into your lineups, but it is definitely a stat you should look out for when constructing your roster.

Sport Apps

Mobile Platform Apps that can deliver notifications to your phone with critical information are gold in DFS.

The worst thing when playing DFS is finding out a player was dropped from the lineup through injury, or any other reason, when it’s too late to change it. There are many apps that will send a notification to your phone whenever something like that happens, whether a player is injured or suddenly dropped to the bench. This can be a lifesaver, and completely save your lineups.


This is something many people overlook. Of course, this only applies to outdoor sports, but the weather can play a huge part in DFS. For example, in the NFL, there are times where there could be heavy snow or bitter cold whilst a game is being played. These generally lead to low scoring, slow paced games. Weather is of course a variable that changes in an instant, but sometimes checking it for games that can potentially be subject to freak weather can be a great asset.

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