Daily Fantasy Soccer Cash Game Strategy

February 19, 2016
Daily Fantasy Soccer Cash Game Strategy February 19, 2016 Fantasy Sport

SoccerTips for building your DFS soccer cash game lineups to maximise your profits at daily fantasy sports

As with all sports, your strategy for playing soccer cash games should be entirely different to that used for tournaments.

As we only need to beat 50% of the field in a cash game, we are just looking to put up a high enough score to guarantee us a finish in the top half of the leaderboard. Of course, it is easier said than done, but hopefully with this strategy you will find yourself cashing a lot more in soccer DFS cash games.


In cash games, we normally want to opt for a higher priced keeper. As you are awarded 5 points for a clean sheet and 5 points for a win, picking a keeper who is likely to do both is ideal. By picking a higher priced goalie, you should have a better chance of achieving that.

Picking a lower priced goalie is also sometimes viable for cash games. Keepers score 2 points for every save they make, so if you think a lower priced goalie will out score the potential points that a clean sheet and win would accumulate for a top priced keeper, then that is the play to make.


Picking cash game defenders is relatively easy. There’s a handful of full backs who are remarkably consistent, as they pour in the crosses every week. Ideally you want to stack your defensive positions with full backs who are very attacking and get forward as much as possible and cross the ball. Defensive scoring stats are almost nullified by the points scored from crossing, so that is almost the only stat that matters when choosing your defence.


Again, crossing is king for midfielders. There are lots of very average midfielders who send in staggering amounts of crosses. As the cross doesn’t even need to be successful to earn points, it is the biggest factor when picking your cash game players. For example, for much of this season Willian has been a must play for cash games. Even though Chelsea has struggled for much of the campaign, Willian takes all over the corners and free kicks and scored over 20 FPS consistently. There are lots more midfielders just like this, so finding who takes corners and free kicks for each team is very valuable when choosing your midfield spots.


You would suspect all we care about from our forwards is goals, but in cash games that’s not so much the case. We don’t want to rely on our strikers having to score goals to score us points. Most strikers can’t make up a decent score without a goal, so we have to fade any boom or bust strikers. There are a few strikers in a draft that usually make up points from crosses, such as Gerard Deulofeu for Everton. He is classed as a forward on DraftKings, however he plays out wide and delivers cross after cross, perfect for our cash game lineup.

So, hopefully with these tips for picking each position in cash games, you will find more success in your next attempt.

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