Best Fantasy Sport Websites for 2023

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Fantasy SportsThe mechanism of fantasy sports contests is quite easy to understand. In fact, it can be explained in three simple steps.

  1. Select a Contest

    Fantasy sports websites offer plenty of contests, some lasting a day, some lasting a week, and some as long as an on-field sports season lasts.

    To select a contest of your choice, you just have to visit the lobby of your fantasy sports website. You can either choose a contest listed in the lobby or create a contest of your own. You can play either a paid contest or a free one.

    To increase your chances of winning, you can play as many games as you please.

  2. Create a Team

    Now that you have selected a contest to take part in, you have to build a team. If the idea of becoming a sports coach or a team owner or a general manager excites you, here is your golden opportunity. Select your players and build the winning sports team.

  3. Earn Points and Win Money

    When the match begins, the players in your roster will be awarded points on the basis of their performance on the field. If your team wins more points than the teams created by the other participants of the contest, you will be declared the winner.

    If you are playing a daily fantasy game, you don’t even have to wait for the sports season to end to know your results. You will come to know the results at the end of the day or week and can take home your winnings if any.

Fantasy sports websites offer contests based on the following sports.

  • Fantasy Football – This is a competition that challenges players to create fantasy teams of real National Football League (NFL) players and earn points based on their performance on the field.
  • Fantasy Basketball – Inspired by fantasy baseball games, fantasy basketball became popular after the coming of the Internet. Players are general managers who create fantasy teams of National Basketball Association (NBA) players and earn points on the basis of their on-field performance.
  • Fantasy Golf – This fantasy game challenges players to create teams of actual golf players and earn points based on their performance in real-life golf tournaments. Fantasy golf players usually follow the European Tour and the US PGA Tour.
  • Fantasy Baseball – It is a multi-format fantasy game in which players create and manage teams of Major League Baseball (MLB) players and win prizes based on their real performance.
  • Fantasy Soccer – Fantasy soccer is played just as fantasy football. However, it is worth noting that soccer and football are two different games in the US although they are considered the same in the rest of the world.
  • Fantasy MMA - Fans of the big fights can create their own roster of top fighters and win cash based on their performance. However, you have to pay these players their salary so you have to build a team you can afford to own. If you spend a lot of money on fighters who perform very well and earn points for you, you can win some serious cash.

To get started, just select one of the fantasy sports websites we recommend, load your account, and join a contest. You can even play for free till you get a hang of these fantasy games.